Swimfeeders: The Definitive Guide


What is a swimfeeder?

A typical swimfeeder rig

Why use a swimfeeder?

Why is it important to feed the swim?

Where can I find out more about swimfeeders?

Where can I buy swimfeeders on line?


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What is a swimfeeder?

The swimfeeder has become one of the most popular items of fishing tackle in the last decade. Swimfeeders are containers of various designs that can be filled with attractants, feeds, chum or particles.Plastic open end swimfeeder

These would include bread crumbs, ground meals, seeds whole or ground, even finely textured meats. Live baits such as maggots, worms, grubs, crawlers and blood worms can be used in swimfeeders, either on their own or incorporated in the meal / chum, provided the correct style of swimfeeder is chosen.

Most swimfeeders incorporate a weight loading of some sort, in order for them to be cast to your chosen range, sink to the bottom and hold in place on the river / lake / sea bed and not be disturbed by any currents or flows. The whole idea is that you cast accurately to the same spot again and again to form a “catching area”.

Swimfeeders are attached to the end of your line very simply, using the “link” provided and your hooklength / trace is tied on so that your chosen hookbait is in very close proximity to the swimfeeder.

A typical swimfeeder rig

River (running)
Swimfeeder rig diagram 1           Swimfeeder rig diagram 2
Swimfeeders attached with a sliding stop on your line, then threaded through the feeder link / swivel then stopped by 2 No.4 shot, with hooklength = 45cm

Why use a swimfeeder?

We all know that fish find our baits attractive and want to eat them. AdditivRiver blockend swimfeederes and flavours enhance our baits even more to stimulate fish into feeding. This is all well and good, but if we then throw this bait in by hand, how do we know where it ends up?

Our bait may have drifted further down river than we expected taking the fish with it. Feeding by hand is always difficult at long range, accuracy and distance is always compromised.

Swimfeeders provide by far the easiest and most effective way of feeding your swim. By casting the feeder to the same spot you can build up a “catching area”, wherever you choose, that the fish will be drawn to. This is because your swimfeeder provides not only food for them to eat but also an inviting “cloud” of attractants. The fact that your hookbait is in close proximity to the feeder means the fish will have no difficulty in finding it! Your catch rate will improve as more and more fish are drawn to the swimfeeder.

Why is it important to feed the swim?

Imagine fishing a large lake, pond or river, or for that matter a small stream. Merely casting a baited hook into the water will only attract one fish. To catch that one fish, you either have to land the bait on its nose (almost impossible) or wait for him to find it. This may take a while! This may take all day! In modern fishing terms and certainly in competition fishing this is just not good enough! A swimfeeder will draw fish to your chosen area, probably more fish than you can catch. Swimfeeders will attract fish of all species and all sizes. Feeding fish will attract other fish that are naturally inquisitive. By casting your swimfeeder regularly you will be constantly replacing food that has been eaten and keeping the swim alive all day long.

Where can I find out more about swimfeeders?

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Where can I buy swimfeeders on line?Feeders Direct - buy swimfeeders on line

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